Future Taxi is a computerised taxi management system capable of dealing with every aspect of the day to day operation. The Booking and Despatch system is the core to which all other system modules are linked. Designed in such a way that it allows you to add modules when you want or when you need.

We offer the following technolgies when you purchase a system:-

  • Future Taxi System
  • Future Taxi Telephone Interface
  • Future Taxi Data Interface
  • Future Taxi GPS Interface
  • Workstations including Server
  • Future Taxi Online Booking Module
  • Future Taxi Online Remote Server
  • Future Taxi Online Backup
  • Text Point, Text Back and Text Backup System
  • Booking Apps – iPhone and Android
  • eDispatch System
  • Mapping and A-Z Street Index
  • Caller ID
  • Ring Back Services
  • Fully Comprehensive Training