MDT 4300

The MDT – 4300 is the latest offering from Marandy. It is the end result of over 20 years of experience in the field and boasts integrated GPRS and GPS connectivity which means you can track the vehicle from the office no matter where the driver is. The large 4.3 inch colour display makes for easy reading and ensures that key information is not cluttered on screen and its easy connector ensures a simple and fast installation.

Advanced Design

Thanks to the MDT – 4300’s adaptive design, there is an array of peripherals ranging from card readers to camera’s, which provide extra security for both the customer and driver enabling you to implement ideas such as loyalty schemes for your customers.

The MDT – 4300 also has fully integrated voice, which means that you can talk to your drivers without the need for a radio. Additionally, because it utilises mobile GPRS technology, voice quality is clearer and your drivers will never be out of range.

Integrated Taxi Meter

The MDT – 4300 also incorporates a taxi meter. Tariffs are controlled from the office and depending on the job and time of day, the MDT – 4300 automatically knows which tariff to use. It displays the information full screen on the device so both the driver and customer can see it clearly.

Built-in Satellite Navigation

Each unit has built-in satellite navigation as standard and at no extra cost. The driver doesn’t even have to enter the address for the job. He simply presses ‘Navigate’ and MDT – 4300 automatically plans the route and starts to navigate the driver to the destination.