Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is essential for the taxi industry. With vehicle tracking you are able to more efficiently employ your company’s resources. Vehicle tracking allows you to effectively monitor your drivers’ driving habits. You can track exactly where they have been driving, for how long and how far.

This has the dual benefit of not only enabling you to track exactly where your drivers have been but also motivates your workforce to perform at their most efficient, as they know that their driving is being monitored. Fuel costs, one of the major expenditures of a company reliant on fleets of vehicles, can also be greatly reduced. The mapping and GPS in the software allow drivers to more effectively and quickly get to their destination.


The main advantage to vehicle tracking for taxi companies is that it allows you to keep track of your employees’ activities. Tracking allows you to tell if your drivers have been speeding, when they’ve been driving and for how long. Fiddling time sheets is a thing of the past as tracking records exactly where you have been and at what time.

For companies working in London, automatic congestion zone alerts can be very useful for cutting down on fines for not paying the congestion charge. Tracking also allows your drivers to map the easiest and quickest route to their destination, further saving on fuel costs. Customer relations can also be improved, as customers can be informed immediately of any possible delays to their deliveries as well as meaning more accurate ETA’s can be given as well.