SMS Backup

FutureTaxi introduces a new facility called SMS Backup. this unique service acts as a fail safe in case of phone network problems such as GPRS failure or internet connectivity. In the unlikly event that your internet fails, all your operator would have to do is switch FutureTaxi into SMS mode. This informs the system that jobs will be passed via SMS rather than the usual GPRS. As Jobs are despatched the driver receives them as normal and is unaware of the changeover. This causes minimal disruption and allows you to continue on woth your business.

How does it work?

Once the system knows to send jobs via SMS, all jobs are sent through a dedicated SMS unit in the office (the same unit used for TextBack – so no additional costs or charges!). The job is literally sent as a text message but with special parameters in it, so the MDT’s know how to interpret the information. The job is then displayed on the MDT just like any other job.