Similiar to the FutureTaxi software, eDispatch (online dispatch) is an Online version of the Taxi Management System which is capable of dealing with every aspect of the day-to-day operation of any size taxi business. It fully automates the booking, despatch and Invoicing, provides management information for controlling costs and running an increasingly efficient , more profitable business. It offers all the same features as the Future Taxi software, however, this can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection!

Ease of use…

The phone rings, the operators selects the line to answer, before he/she has even a chance to greet the customer their details are already being displayed in the booking docket on the computer screen. If a customer has called before, their name, pickup and destination address are saved together with the telephone number. The system automatically recognises the number of each incoming call as soon as the operator picks up the phone and even can show where they have gone from the pickup address. The operator need only confirm that the address they are calling from is actually the pickup address.

The details are then automatically transferred to the data despatch system. Running on automatic dispatch, the system selects the car that is most suitable to the job. The way the computer think and the criteria used are programmable by you in a very easy and clear set-up screen.

Sophisticated Accounts Package as Standard

The integrated accounts module makes administration easy. Just using one screen you can sort drivers worksheet, customers invoice, look at the jobs done in any period from any area and the preview screen will enable you the see what is going to printed before printing. All invoice details can be exported to Sage in a touch of button including your customer details.

Remote Access

The Online version of the Future Taxi system is perfect for companies who wish to operate outside of their many office, either from a different site or from the comfort of their own home. The TAPI (Caller Pop-up) is also integrated with the Online system and offers all the system features the Future Taxi software has.

eDispatch - Online Dispatch System